Protectii Depozit

Rack Protector

Full range of PVC profiles for protection of warehouse racks.


Designed to protect access to gates or big doors from huge traffic or simply to mark restricted areas for pedestrians. Fully equipped with fixing accessories.

Guard Rail

A new bumper system specific for the protection of the walls resistant against trolleys movements. Designed by following an innovative technical design that combines speed and simplicity in the steps of installation and cleaning. Available in different lengths.


A large size protection system, ideal for walls and panels. Easy to install and clean. Fully equipped with corner caps and buttons.

Corner protection

Designed to protect pillars and columns or external corners of walls and panels.

Wall Protection

New bumper without guides. Thanks to its big size and resistance it is ideal for protection of industrial spaces. Fixed caps with hidden screws covered by specific buttons.

Antishock System

New bumper and plinth system produced in soft material, could be used in cold rooms, refrigerated storage and garages. Thanks to material elasticity, it features good anti-shock property.

PVC Panel

PVC sheets to renovate fastly and cheaply the walls of cold rooms and cold store.